Note to weekend

Dear Weekend,

I know it’s over at this time but I have to accept it. Every moment we have is truly awesome as you remind me to take a break and put more attention to myself. I love you weekend and I’ll see you again after 5 more days. I promise you that we’ll have more adventures and happiness to chase.

I’ll see you again.



The Mhaya


DSF Buys

DSF stands for Dubai Shopping Festival,it’s a yearly month-long event known as the most exciting shopping festivals of Dubai and this year it started on January 3. Almost all stores participate so this is the right chance to spend the hard-earned dirham for items on at least 70% reduction.

Firstly, I made sure to pay all my dues and send money to my family back home to avoid guilty feelings.

I’m thinking to buy iPhone 5, but still my rational part reminds me that I don’t really need it at this point.Like really, as long as I can take decent pictures and connect to the internet with my lappy then I’ll be fine. Most especially that I don’t even have savings yet so “No,thank you. Not now.

What did I buy?

  • Top from Zara
  • H&M dresses and 10 AED stuff (10 AED * 20 items,errr)
  • Colorful La Senzas
  • Digicam

Let’s talk more about that Digicam. I really need a cam because my uncle’s DSLR was already sold : ( and I don’t have a phone with a cam. Like seriously, despite that I’m working in an IT company, I don’t feel such a need to buy at least a 3G Phone. Maybe because my boss is very humble and I would like to emulate her. If I would buy iPhone 5, I will just hide it on my bag and never use it in front of my seniors.

I bought this Canon PowerShot A2300 for only AED 329 plus AED 50 grocery voucher plus camera case plus 4 GB Ultra SD Card. I was like, “Kuya what’s the difference between a regular SD Card from an Ultra SD Card?” and the answer is this. There were I think 5 colors to choose from but only 2 colors are on sale,it’s only black and blue. I chose black,of course. So cheap I wanna buy two more for my sisters!

I’m so lazy to read the manual so I just went through it and made some few test shots. Obviously, the shot below is composed of 2 pictures; the raw image and an image after editing from Adobe Lightroom.


The next one is taken from 4 of the few cam’s settings , no need for me to put much effort tweaking.


So there, Hae and I will take photos together for this blog. Yes, the digicam’s name is Hae because I’m currently in love with Jim Sturgess‘ character in Cloud Atlas. I love his looks more on Adam Ewing’s character but the way he protected Sonmi as Hae-Joo Chang is just so much.