The Monaliza Smile



That’s my older sister Monaliza whose birthday is today . Her name itself sounds a lot of mystery. She has turned 26 and still looking very young, that’s how unfair life is. She’s a very tough and strong woman like literally strong as she gave birth to her son in a normal delivery without anesthesia in a home away from the city,or maybe because she knows the stuff behind it since she has a degree in nursing.

She has an exquisite taste in music and fashion. She cooks delicious meals like my younger sister. I love her pastas and everything she cooks. She’s a super cool mom to Jemon and I admire her for that. Her love for her hubby Jhe is plainly unconditional.

I look up to her on how she manages tough situations very well. I love her for being supportive and how she fights for us.

PS. Never mess with her because she can pin you down without you uttering any word,trust me. Don’t you ever try to mess with her. No, do not,you’ll regret it.



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