Friday Chill

Last Friday night, we watched the show “Seasons of Love – Aiza Seguerra, Sitti Navarro, Duncan Ramos, Nyoy Volante and Princess Velasco“. It was a great show because..duh?! Sitti the OPM bossa nova queen was there plus Duncan’s RnB plus acoustic gigs of Aiza, Nyoy and Princess and it’s December in Dubai.  The weather in Dubai during December is kinda cold so with that kind of music and ambiance, anyone who are in-love, heartbroken or in any state of what you call “love” would have his/her heart melted or crushed.

I only go out rarely (my time is eaten wholly by work )so during this chances I really make an effort to dress-up, somehow. So when I went out of the house with this look, my neighbors were wondering if where was I heading to.


The VVIP tickets had a reasonable price so it’s OK.



Those were the artists on my playlist during senti/korny moments of my life. (Korny dahil inlab moments?!). Each artist performed at least 5 songs . Below are the songs that caught me:

  1. Princess – her version of Payphone
  2. Nyoy – Someday 
  3. Duncan – One last cry
  4. Sitti – Para sa akin
  5. Aiza – Iris
  6. Separate Lives
  7. A thousand Years


I was with the 2 glamorous and beautiful ates in Dubai, ate Jan and ate Nes


The show was indeed sulit because it was a 4-hour concert . Four hours worth of entertainment after a long week of WOOOORK.


*Love?! #@!!!!??? = WASAAAAAAAK 


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